Lazer Team 2016 Movie Download HD DVD Torrent

Lazer Team is a 2015 American science fiction action comedy film directed, produced, and co-written by Matt Hullum. The firstfeature film produced by Rooster Teeth, it stars Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Colton Dunn, Allie DeBerry, and Alan Ritchson. The film follows the Lazer Team, a group of four who find Lazer Team 2016 Movie Download HD DVD Torrent

Lazer Team 2016 Movie Download HD DVD Torrent

Lazer Team 2016 Movie Download HD DVD Torrent In 1977, the government has secretly decoded  battle suit  UFO displays  create a strong energy shield, and Zach knocks Adam unconscious. They escape the facility and hide out in Hagan’s ex-wife’s cabin. Zach calls the Worg-controlled Mindy on Skype and gives her his location. She arrives and attacks Zach and the others, but they Lazer Team 2016 Movie Download HD DVD Torrent

Antarean ship has landed over the town’s football field, creating a giant forcefield around it. The Worg transmit a message, calling the Champions of Earth to battle. Lazer Team is once again ambushed by the possessed soldiers, but uses teamwork to kill the remaining three. With the pressure of saving the planet weighing down on them, they all decide to hide except for Hagan, who turns himself in to the military. However, seeing the full potential in the team, Adam frees Hagan and they sneak to the stadium where a crowd has formed around the UFO. They find the rest of the team there and regroup Lazer Team 2016 Movie Download HD DVD Torrent

Antareans watches from the stands. Woody intercepts a transmission from the ship, revealing that rather than a war they are part of an elimination tournament where the Antareans destroy the losers’ planets until one remains. Lazer Team proves unsuccessful at defeating the Worg by themselves

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The concept for Rooster Teeth’s first live action feature was in development as early as 2010. [6] It was first announced at Halo Fest during PAX Prime 2011. [7] Burns stated they were drawing inspirations from, “a lot of the sci-fi classics that we’ve grown up with, ” but were, “not making a parody and we’re not making a send-up – we’re making our own movie. “[8] Influences on the script included “team movies” such as the Mighty Ducks and Cool Runnings. According to co-writers Chris Demarais and Josh Flanagan, the third act was completely restructured Lazer Team 2016 Movie Download HD DVD Torrent

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Burns confirmed the company was going to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the film as a way to offer more support options while gaining publicity. [11] Freddie Wong was a consultant in shaping their campaign. [12] The Indiegogo page for the film launched in June 2014. The fundraiser reached its $650, 000 goal in under 10 hours and broke Indiegogo’s record for the fastest film campaign to reach $700, 000. [13][14] Within three days, Lazer Team broke $1 million. [15] Lazer Team holds the record for the highest funded film campaign on Indiegogo with over $2. 4 million collected. [16][17] On the final day of the campaign, Rooster Teeth released a special perk for a single fan to be cast in a walk-on role; within 20 seconds of the perk going live, 535 people purchased the perk, as it slowed the site’s

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